Fun home improvement projects for kids

Shelbyville, USA

Having kids is amazing. They do cute things. They get excited about things that don't require a lot of effort. Most importantly, they give you thousands of hours’ worth of free labor.

The value of these little tykes in chores alone is inestimable, but where they really shine... read more

Baby-proofing your house

Shelbyville, USA

Home improvement often focuses on changing the physical look of your house, or improving its functionality. For most of us, this is just fine.

We manage to get between couches, fridges and bathrooms safely and effectively enough, but what about new members? When a baby comes i... read more

How to properly remove a wall in your home

Shelbyville, USA

These days it's become popular to squeeze out a little extra space in your home. An open floor plan with little to no barrier between kitchen, eating and sitting areas is becoming a more common sight all the time.

Unfortunately for those of you in older homes, their bu... read more

How to measure your space for new cabinets

Shelbyville, USA

Got some new cabinets to install? If you've never done it before, it can be tempting to throw them all into position and just start nailing these things down.

That little voice in the back of your head telling you that would just end up causing waste and delays and oth... read more