3 Reasons to get a kitchen island

Shelbyville, USA

The kitchen island is possibly the most controversial bit of countertop in the realm of kitchen design. With arguments ranging from the practicality of having the extra counter space to the appropriateness of overcrowding your kitchen to simply having more room to collect an e... read more

3D Kitchens

Shelbyville, USA

So, it’s time to redesign your kitchen. Maybe you know exactly what you want. Maybe you have no clue where to even start. Redesigning can be stressful whether this is your first time around or your tenth time. Technology is always revolutionizing industries, and of course, i... read more

Fun home improvement projects for kids

Shelbyville, USA

Having kids is amazing. They do cute things. They get excited about things that don't require a lot of effort. Most importantly, they give you thousands of hours’ worth of free labor.

The value of these little tykes in chores alone is inestimable, but where they really shine... read more

Baby-proofing your house

Shelbyville, USA

Home improvement often focuses on changing the physical look of your house, or improving its functionality. For most of us, this is just fine.

We manage to get between couches, fridges and bathrooms safely and effectively enough, but what about new members? When a baby comes i... read more