5 steps to the clean aesthetic jitchen

Shelbyville, USA

Do you ever feel like your kitchen is getting out of control? Like messes build so quickly it’s too overwhelming to contain?

We at C&J Wood Design have some simple and easy to implement tips to keep your kitchen’s aesthetic clean as a whistle.

1) Ke... read more


Custom Kitchen Cabinets with Rustic Charm

Shelbyville, USA

Often, we have an idea of the way we want a space to feel but aren’t too sure about the specific design elements that can bring about a particular ambiance. This is why working with a custom cabinet maker, especially when shooting for a feel as tricky as rustic, is key. Not ... read more


Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets Are Trending

Shelbyville, USA

Although we adore a natural finish that lets the wood’s grain shine through, occasionally, we love to bring in a pop of color. The sage green cabinet trend recently caught our eye, as it’s of the moment, but we also have a hunch that it’s going to look great for quite a ... read more


Pet-Friendly Cabinetry

Shelbyville, USA

Kitchens, and adjoining spaces, are often where the family comes together, and pets are just as much members of the family as everyone else. Mudrooms, converted butler’s pantries, and laundry rooms are perfect spaces to build out some pet-friendly cabinetry to create a cozy ... read more

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