Try White Oak for Your Custom Cabinets

Shelbyville, USA

You may remember the red oak that was popular in kitchens, dens, and sunken living rooms of the late 1970s and '80s. While darker oak has its place, many of us found ourselves living in spaces that felt smaller than they needed to feel, given the dark cabinets and paneling. As... read more


5 Things to know before renovating your kitchen on a budget

Shelbyville, USA

1) Plan with a goal in mind.

When you think about renovating your kitchen, what is the most important change you want to see? Does the peeling laminate floor bother you the most? Are the cabinets an eyesore? Does the countertop never seem to look clean? Whatever it is... read more


choosing hardware for kitchen cabinets

Shelbyville, USA

After weeks of careful planning and collaboration with your designer at C&J Wood Design, the install date is drawing near. The kitchen is, at its best, the heart and hearth of a home, bringing family and friends together. Cabinets and flooring can go a long way to create a war... read more


The Open-Shelving Question

Shelbyville, USA

The question of open shelving is coming up more often, as minimal garden-to-table lifestyles and design are again finding their way into design magazines. This is not necessarily “just a trend,” as many of us are reevaluating our priorities and lifestyles. More time at ho... read more