This Summer’s Furniture Trends

Shelbyville, USA

The best part of summer is being outside and being a part of nature. We can’t always be outside, though. Fortunately, this summer’s furniture trends invite us to bring some of nature inside with us.

1. Natural materials - This year, everything from wood to stone is ... read more

Envisioning the Ideal Vanity

Shelbyville, USA

Creating a stunning bathroom comes down to the details. Stylistically the most important of these is the vanity.

Whether you’ve got your heart set on French scrolled legs and carved floral inlays or a granite top with York White cabinets, consider the followi... read more

The Finishing Touch

Shelbyville, USA

There are many components that work to bring a kitchen together. From the cabinets to the floors, it can be a lot. Once you’ve covered your basics, it’s time to look at the appliances and what kind of finish you want. The right kind of finish will definitely set your kitch... read more

New Year New Kitchen

Shelbyville, USA

The new year is here, and this is the time when people are reinventing themselves. This could mean reinventing their wardrobes, their hair, or their kitchens. If you need a change of scenery, but lack the inspiration to get your project up and running, here are some ideas to g... read more