1. Do you offer 3D designing ?

( This will eliminate the guess work between your ideas and there delivery )

2. What type of material will be used in the construction?

( MDF, Particle board or Furniture board will be less water resistant than plywood )

3. What is the standard production procedure ?

( A frame nailed to the box through the face will produce unsightly nail holes that require filler and will not age the same color as your wood a no face nail system of some type will eliminate 90% of filler needed and will make a much stronger better looking cabinet )

4. What type of finish will be used and has it been tested for durability ?

( There are several types of finishes that are acceptable the biggest mistake in any of these would be insufficient application. A conversion varnish baked on finish would be the most durable. )

5. What will be used in the construction of the drawer boxes?

( A solid wood dovetail box would be the best a plywood box would acceptable a box with mismatched material or built from scrap would be a substandard for the industry. A UV coated finish would be the most durable. )

6. What type of warranty is offered ?

( Industry standard would be one year most quality suppliers will have a two year warranty on the construction and finish of there product. Abuse or neglect would not be covered in this warranty )

7. What type of drawer guides and door hinges will be used ?

( A custom home should have soft close doors and drawers as a standard a full extension ball bearing drawer guide would be acceptable. )

8. What are my options ?

( You should be able to have input on the location of drawers , pullouts, and other accessories that will work best for you in the space you have. This is where 3D designing would help. )

9. What is your time line ?

( If you are told we will put you on the list that indicates you are a number in a book and not a valued customer. All delivery times will vary depending on the size of the project and the current work load in the area but if you are given an unreasonable wait time I would check with other quality providers that could give you a realistic time frame this will help keep your overall project on schedule. )

10. What is you standard form of payment?

( A 50% down payment with balance on delivery would be a standard. Will you accept personal checks or credit cards ask this in advance so arrangements can be made. )