Do you ever feel like your kitchen is getting out of control? Like messes build so quickly it’s too overwhelming to contain?

We at C&J Wood Design have some simple and easy to implement tips to keep your kitchen’s aesthetic clean as a whistle.

1) Keeping a Clean Countertop

Many of us tend to use our countertops as a default space for all kinds of miscellaneous items. Dumping things like our keys and mail on the countertop is a quick way to take up a lot of space that could be put to better use. Try getting a small table to keep next to the front door to give yourself a designated spot for those little items. You’ll be amazed at the kind of space this frees up.

2) Store Your Appliances in Cabinets

It’s tempting to keep kitchen appliances out in the open for easy access. But it can also make your kitchen feel cramped. It may take a little work, but a well-organized cabinet can free up space and still allow you to grab those often used appliances with ease.

3) Assign a Specific Place for Everything in Your Kitchen

Not having an assigned spot for our kitchen items encourages us to just set things down whenever comes to mind at the moment. Nothing creates chaos in the kitchen like items scattered here and there. Giving your utensils and appliances their own location will not only keep your kitchen clean, but you’ll know right where everything is.

4) Let Your Fridge Be a Fridge

The surface of your fridge doesn’t need to be a storage space for bills and various other notes and scraps of paper. Keeping the surface of your fridge clear is a sure way to keep your kitchen looking sleek.

5) Break Up Your Chores

Our impulse is often to clean the whole kitchen all at once. But sticking to one task a day helps keep the kitchen clean without it becoming overwhelming.