You may have been down to your local big box hardware chain to have a look at kitchens recently and marveled at all the neatly laid out corners with the cabinets and the stove and the little island.

You may have been rightfully impressed by the stylish countertops and knobbery designs and how everything fit together so neatly. It's possible you even imagined it as your own kitchen, but your kitchen doesn't look like that neat little corner, does it? It's awkwardly shaped and maybe a little too short on one side to fit in the prefabs in just the right order, and maybe your plumbing is in just the right spot to throw off your whole design.

Such is the feeling of building your kitchen out of what amounts to really elaborate legos. If you have a somewhat elaborate design in mind, or if you're looking for more than just a bunch of cabinets and appliances shoved together into a corner of the main floor of your house, custom cabinetry is a must. A cabinet pro can look at your house through 3D design software and quickly and efficiently map your ideas into something visible. You'll even stretch your budget further with appropriate planning and reduced waste and mistakes.

Don't build your kitchen from a random assortment of boxes from the hardware store. Remodeling is expensive and if you're willing to shell out the cash to build a kitchen, you might as well make it the kitchen you want.