Although we adore a natural finish that lets the wood’s grain shine through, occasionally, we love to bring in a pop of color. The sage green cabinet trend recently caught our eye, as it’s of the moment, but we also have a hunch that it’s going to look great for quite a while. First, sage green has a wonderful, lush quality, reminding us of rolling hills and woodland landscapes in the late Spring. Second, it goes great with natural, understated touches that are sure to be perennial classics.

What Goes with Sage Green?

The farmhouse trend is here to stay, and regardless of if you lean more toward cottage core or hunting lodge chic, sage is going to go great with everything. It’s light enough not to make a space feel smaller, while also being a deep enough shade to compliment natural wood and darker stains.

As far as wall color, white is a fantastic option, which instantly makes a space feel crisp and clean. If you’re looking to make a bolder move, you might go for a slightly lighter shade of the same green you’re painting the cabinets. If you opt for this, you’ll want to make sure the room has plenty of light. We also recommend gold, brass, or copper fixtures.