Although the all-white kitchen is still trending, and may never go out of style, pops of color and eco-friendly/sustainable elements are definitely on the rise when it comes to 2020 kitchen design trends. Here are just a few design considerations for that 2020 remodel, in light of what we’ve noticed is trending in design magazines and buzzing around the proverbial home design water cooler.

1. What’s Happening With the Farmhouse Look?
Let’s just say the farmhouse look is here to stay, but it’s just getting smarter. What do we mean by that? Well, the farmhouse look is being updated to consider space for a mini-greenhouse herb garden above your sink, and built in cabinet refrigeration. Imagine turning your kitchen larder into a fridge, or building french doors to your greenhouse, so you can move easily from garden to dinner prep without, technically, having to leave the house.

2. What is Going on With Color?
Somehow, we’re guessing that as design becomes more creative--in terms of making kitchen spaces more eco-friendly and functional--folks are starting to let their imaginations run wild in terms of adventurous pops of color. We love the built-in reading nook in an otherwise white kitchen space that feels more like a lush forest alcove. Lush greens and deep sea blues have been proven to be relaxing and are the perfect way to create an inviting cozy space within your kitchen for breakfast or a glass of wine.