Lighting is an important component in any kitchen renovation project. From the proper placement of task lighting to illuminate work surfaces to accent lighting for atmosphere, lighting choices may not make you a world class chef, but they can set the mood for your kitchen and your home.

Lighting kitchen cabinets may sound like a one-dimensional concept, but different types of cabinets lighting serve different purposes and can help create dedicated workstations.

1. Use cabinet lighting to create a station for your morning routine. Under cabinet lighting at a coffee station illuminates the area to brew your morning cup without needing to turn on overhead lights before you’re ready for the glare of day. Add a toaster and small microwave to the area to streamline your morning routine.

2. Softly backlighting cabinets of glassware and decorative accents will give your kitchen a beautiful focal point. Most families spend much of their time at home in the kitchen so it should add beauty and style as well as function.

3. Consider adding lighted niches into your cabinetry to display decorative items rather than the usual shelving. The unexpected adds interest to an otherwise average space.

4. Strategic lighting adds depth to smaller spaces. Adding lighting to cabinetry creates visual depth making the space appear larger.

5. Lighted cabinetry can be designed to not only help you find stored items more easily. Precise placement can also illuminate work surfaces making tasks easier.

Layers of lighting in the kitchen create a beautiful, functional space that is sure to be the heart of your home.