Looking for a new kitchen design? From adding color to cabinets in unexpected ways to combining materials for countertops, 2017 promises some new looks in the heart of the home.
Here are some of the top trends to remodeling or just updating in 2017.

Add color in different ways

While a black and white palette is a classic choice for any kitchen, experts are predicting gray will replace white as the top color for painted cabinets. To add a pop to the design, look at picking a bold sink color. It's a great way to add a focal point to classic cabinets.
Bright and bold promise to top the color trends, pushing out dark wood colors in 2017.

Be bold with lighting

Don't ignore lighting fixtures when choosing focal points in any design. Designers are suggesting bold ceiling fixtures and contrasting LED lights to spruce up any kitchen.
Go beyond track lighting and pot lights with pendant lights or chandeliers to make a bold impact.
Another way to brighten up a drab space is LED lights. From under-counter to under toe, LED lights are a simple, cost-efficient way to add drama and brightness to a kitchen. They come in a variety of colors and types and can be easily installed.

Compromise with countertops

Don't limit your options to granite. Quartz, marble and butcherblock are trending in 2017.
They are easier to maintain, and, in the case of quartz, resistant to stains and spills. Both are good options for home chefs. They can even be combined for a mixed-materials countertop that marries wood and stone.

Match your style

No matter what you choose in 2017, be true to yourself.
And blend the kitchen to the rest of the home. It shouldn't just be a room unto itself, but an extension of the rest of the home and the family that uses it.
Kitchens aren't for cooking anymore. They are the heart of the house where the homefires are kept burning.