As we get closer to 2019, it is becoming apparent that we are indeed unique individuals. People are using all aspects of themselves, and their lives, to express that individuality. But, of course, it starts at home.

Here’s how to renovate your kitchen, not just to meet your needs, but also to match your unique sense of style.

1. Trade your stainless steel for some color - While stainless was the most popular choice for years, it’s a bit played out. Splash some color into your kitchen for that extra pizazz

2. Gold accents - Return to elegance by accenting your cabinets with something that expresses your exquisite tastes.

3. Open layouts - Having a smaller kitchen isn’t such a bad thing. Applying an open layout to your kitchen will integrate your living spaces by making your kitchen warm and inviting.

4. Ceiling treatments - While you may overlook your ceiling, others will still see it. Ceiling treatments are another way to help your kitchen look bigger.

5. Open shelving - Exchange your upper cabinets for open shelves. With kitchens getting smaller, this will help open it up a bit.

6. Under counter appliances - If your going to be replacing your upper cabinets with open shelving, it’s only natural to incorporate those upper counter appliances into your lower cabinets.

7. Pendent lighting - These hanging light fixtures are the perfect way to accent your ceiling treatments.

8. Appliance garage - If you’re trying to cut back on clutter, this is perfect for storing your toaster and coffee maker.

9. Two tone cabinets - As long as your adding color, why just choose one? Add a second color for contrast to really set your kitchen off right.