Planning your next renovation can be incredibly exciting, especially if you’re using wood to make a design statement/create a contemporary, eco-friendly, harmonious mood in your home. Wood elements can often make us feel closer to nature and more at peace in our private sanctuary. If you are planning a renovation of a room, or even thinking about making a few minor touches to a space, here are a few considerations.

1. Kind and Color of Wood

If you’re thinking about panelling or slatting a wall, you don’t necessarily need a wood as strong as if you’re building a shelf, but if you are building shelving, you may want to consider a more durable wood that will also be easily cut down into paneling or slats. Remember, darker colors, while they may feel rich and luxurious, can also make a room feel smaller, and a lighter wood gives the feel of the beach/light and breezy vacation spots.

2. Bold, Creative Design Moves

One creative, minimalist design move that’s gaining some traction, and is perfect for either commercial or residential interiors, are slender vertical slats. Consider using a darker wood for an accent wall cover, and think about using a knotted wood with a visible grain to add character and interest to any space.

3. Accents in Bold Colors

A wooden floating shelf in a bold primary color really pops in an otherwise neutral space. Consider watching some classic 60s French cinema for inspiration, and remember with a pop of color, a little goes a long way.