Often, we have an idea of the way we want a space to feel but aren’t too sure about the specific design elements that can bring about a particular ambiance. This is why working with a custom cabinet maker, especially when shooting for a feel as tricky as rustic, is key. Not only does your cabinet maker have the skills, well, of a cabinet maker, they also have the design experience to turn your sense of what you want into a deliverable product.

The trickiest design element, when it comes to cabinets with rustic charm, is getting the charm part right. Sometimes, if this is not gone about with care, the results will feel and appear dated, dark and claustrophobia inducing, and/or more like a rugged woodsman’s shack than a cozy bungalow. The two key elements, here, are modern, minimalist design and the appropriate choice of wood.

If you are doing a remodel of an older home with rustic elements, take a cue from the charming features that already exist. Is there a copper faucet? Splendid! Consider using copper fixtures throughout the space. Also, instead of staining a lighter wood darker, opt for oak and cherry, and don’t fear scavenging for reclaimed wood.