You may have heard people throwing around the term "multi-use" or "multi-purpose" kitchens since the
pandemic. Multi-use kitchens are a growing trend in renovations and new construction. Modern families
spend the majority of their time in the kitchen for a variety of tasks, from prepping and cooking to
eating meals to studying and doing homework. Making sure the kitchen fits your family’s lifestyle to
maximize the efficiency of space is one of the most important aspects of kitchen design. Here are a few
things to consider when designing and organizing your kitchen for all its uses.

1) Create zones for the different purposes. Even if the breakfast nook doubles as a home office or
homework station, have nearby storage dedicated for each purpose to prevent mix-ups. A nearby
cabinet or storage in seating will suffice.

2) Maximize enclosed storage to contain the clutter. Use storage cubes or containers dedicated to your
office materials or school work and have a cabinet where it can be put away when not in use.

3) Keep design elements neutral. If you’re using the space for working virtually you don’t necessarily
want a bright Mexican tile or bold print visible during Zoom meetings. Choose colors that work well for
all the uses of your kitchen.

4) Choose durable materials. Whether the countertop is a landing spot for heavy pots, briefcases, books
or sporting equipment choose materials that will stand up to the abuse and still look great.
With a little advance planning, your kitchen will function well for all your family’s tasks and still look
stylish for a long time.