Children are so energetic and run all over the place. You never know what toys you’re going to find where.

They are so curious and full of wonder that they almost always forget to clean up after themselves. As a parent, it can be a bit exasperating to keep everything together, cleaned, and organized.

Built in shelves – Have shelves built into the walls. You can use it for storage space that’s completely out of the way. It will leave your child’s room looking much less cluttered without having to sacrifice the amount of space in the room.

Make a play table – If you’ve got an old coffee or dining room table, repurpose it. Put in your children’s play area as a surface that they can play on. You can use Rubbermaid containers to store toys underneath the table.

Put storage baskets in play area – Perhaps the best way to keep toys organize is to make storage, organization, and cleaning up a part of play time. By incorporating these skills into the games that you play with your children, they learn how to clean up after themselves without them even realizing it. This will save this will save you time and energy in the long run.

As messy as things can sometimes get, children are a blessing. You wouldn’t trade any of it for the world, but if you can make some of those messy days a little bit easier to manage, why not give it a try.