Kitchens, and adjoining spaces, are often where the family comes together, and pets are just as much members of the family as everyone else. Mudrooms, converted butler’s pantries, and laundry rooms are perfect spaces to build out some pet-friendly cabinetry to create a cozy spot for your furry family members. Here are just a few thoughts on how to create the perfect space, with pet-friendly cabinetry, for your beloved pets!

1. Hidden Bowls and Bed

One super cute, and space efficient option, is to build in hidden bowls and pet beds at the bottom of your cabinets. These can be pulled out when in use, and pushed back in, giving you the sleek look of pantry drawers.

2. Custom Kennel

A Custom, built in kennel is an excellent idea for folks who travel, can’t always take their pooch along with them, and would prefer to have their pets at home with a caretaker, rather than in a doggie daycare center. A Custom kennel can also double as a cozy sleeping space.