The best part of summer is being outside and being a part of nature. We can’t always be outside, though. Fortunately, this summer’s furniture trends invite us to bring some of nature inside with us.

1. Natural materials - This year, everything from wood to stone is in. Au natural is becoming a trend in many aspects of fashion, so naturally furniture trends would follow.

2. Sustainable furniture - As we become more environmentally conscious as a people, we’re beginning to add that concept to every aspect of life. We’re starting to see more furniture make from recycled materials and reclaimed wood. If you’re dedicated to protecting and saving the environment, this may be the way to go for you.

3. Handmade - In this generation, we’ve become much more personal. We’ve come to value handcrafted furniture. Whether it comes from a friend, a family, or a woodshop, anything that someone build with their bare hands is awe inspiring and should be appreciated. The great thing about handmade furniture is that it can be made with natural or sustainable material

If you love being close to nature in the summer, but also love being in the comfort of your own home, these simplistic, yet beautiful trends are right up your alley.