If a few days of warmer Spring weather have you dreaming of lots of light and open space, there’s no better place to start than your kitchen. Don’t let a tiny kitchen stop you. There are several design tricks you can use to make the space seem much larger with loads of style while maximizing the space for optimum functionality.

1. Paint – There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make a space feel clean and new. White is known for making small spaces seem bigger, and white kitchens are trending. If you’re craving color consider adding touches of yellow for a bright, sunny scheme or a stylish light green or teal for a calmer space.

2. Declutter – Nothing makes a small space seem even smaller and more crowded than clutter. Keep countertops clear and make sure all items have their own storage space.

3. Light! – Update the overhead lighting to a ceiling hugging model to prevent obstructing the view or add undercabinet lighting to visually expand the space. Add mirrors to the space to maximize the light you have.

4. Smaller appliances – A number of appliances are available in scaled down versions, including stoves, ranges, refrigerators, and even dishwashers . Depending on how you use your kitchen use a small-scale kitchen suite or choose from individual appliances.

5. Accents – Use a geometric pattern or horizontal stripe to either draw the eye up or lengthwise to make the space appear larger. Be careful to not overdo it; too much pattern can make the space seem crowded.