Everyone always seems to gather in the kitchen. More specifically, around the island. Aside from
the obvious functionality of the kitchen island, it’s where memories are made more special with
family and friends. If you’re looking for something new and different, here are five fun kitchen
island styles to consider for your renovation.

1. L-shaped. If you have the room an L-shaped island offers a change from the basic rectangular
island giving you more space to move around between tasks while still offering plenty of options
for work and entertainment. This shape is ideal for multiple cooks.

2. Curved. Curved or circular islands are a unique design statement with dynamic visual appeal.
The organic nature of curves allows the eye to flow around the space. While a curved island
offers lots of seating for entertainment, it can restrict functionality and storage.

3. Furniture-style. Whether reusing an old farm table or customizing a piece for your specific
needs, a furniture-style island is a statement centerpiece for any kitchen. While a beautiful design
choice storage may be limited.

4. U-shaped. Ideal for the aspiring home chef with loads of storage for appliances and counter
space for mixing. This unique shape has plenty of room for seating, but requires a lot of space.

5. Rolling. Versatile and functional a rolling cart can be moved to any area of the kitchen when
you need a little more workspace. The smaller size makes it ideal for small kitchens where a
built-in island is too large and bulky.